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23.05.2007 20:18:09 / evaros


You Should Drive a Pink Car

You're the type of driver who really loves your car.
You can make a car last for ages - or take good care of a vintage ride.
You're independent, creative, and very expressive.
You consider your car a part of you ... and you want to make it as funky as possible.

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05.05.2007 20:12:52 / evaros

At súkkla í Föroyum.. hahaha færeska er svo fyndin:D

"At súkkla í Føroyum ber væl til. Súkklurnar sum fáast í dag, eru avbera góðar, lættar við nógvum girum, og tær góðu brekkurnar skapa sterkar súkklarar.

Tá mann súkklar her á landi, skal mann duga at kobla heilan úr, fyrsta gir í og lata tíðina, og ikki beinini, súkkla".(Jóan Hendrik Mohr Poulsen)


Í nýggja súkklufaldaranum eru íalt 15 farleiðir kring allar Føroyar. Túrarnir, sum eru ymiskir í longd og torleika, eru ætlaðir sum íbirting til teirra sum kundu hugsað sær at súkkla í Føroyum.  Faldarin er at fáa á Ferðaráð Føroya og kunningarstovunum kring landið.

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04.05.2007 12:10:19 / evaros

Mroe intersretnig knwolegde


Accoidrng to a resecrah at Cmabridge


it dseon't matter in waht oredr the lrttees in a

wrod are. The olny imnortapt thnig is taht the

fsrit and lsat letter be in the rihgt pcale.



The rset can be a ttoal mses and you can slitl

raed it wtihout proelbm. Tihs is beuacse the

hmuan mnid deos not raed eevry letter by itlesf,

but the wrod as a whloe.

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03.05.2007 16:09:03 / evaros

A mathematical point of view...


I have been studying for my exam in statistics for a few days now and according to my books you can only get up to 100%

But what makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:

If the alphabet:

Is written as numbers:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.



8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%


11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%


1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that hard work and knowledge will get you close, and attitude will get you there, but it's Bullshit and Ass kissing that will put you over the top.


I think im loosing my mind sitting here all alone studying...

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27.04.2007 15:22:03 / evaros



This dog is even more weird than mine



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24.04.2007 11:13:33 / evaros

The nerd..

I know I havent blogged for a looooong time and I havent decided if im going to start blogging again...

At the moment im studying for my next exam which is in Excel and I came across this picture, I just had to put it in here cause I couldnt stop laughing for hours when I saw it:lol:




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04.12.2006 19:53:30 / evaros

Some funny Icelandic expressions

1. The raisin at the end of the hot-dog = Rúsínan í pylsuendanum.
     = the best part

2. I measure one-pulled with it = Ég mæli eindregið með því. 
    =I recomened it

3. Now there won't do any mitten-takes = Nú duga engin vettlingatök.
    =Now we can’t take it easy (use your entire strength)

 4 . I come completely from mountains = Ég kem alveg af fjöllum.
     =I don’t know what your talking about

5. Thank you for the warm words into my garden = Þakka þér fyrir hlý orð í minn garð. 
    =thank you for saying good thing about me

6. Everything goes on the back-legs = Það gengur allt á aftur fótunum.
    =Things are not going my way

7. He's comepletely out driving = Hann er alveg úti að aka.
    =He is not thinking about what he is doing or he is far off

8. It lies in the eyes upstairs = Það liggur í augum uppi.
     =It is obvious

9. She gave me under the leg = Hún gaf mér undir fótinn.
     =She made a pass on me

10. He stood on the duck = Hann stóð á öndinni.
      =he could not breath

11. I teach in breast of him = Ég kenni í brjósti um hann.
       =I feel sorry for him

12. On with the butter!!! = Áfram með smjörið!
      =Keep on working (often said when the workbreak is over)

13. In a green bang = Í grænum hvelli
      =very quick (as quick as possible)

14. I springteach him = Ég vorkenni honum
       =I feel sorry for him

15. Front seat advise Sir = Forsætisráðherra
       =prime minister

16. Stomp steel into them = Stappa stálinu í þá 
      =cheering them

17. Hot spring river this book = Hver á þessa bók?
      =whose book is this?

18. Nobody becomes an unbeaten bishop = Enginn verður óbarinn biskup
       =you have to work for things

19. I took him to the bakery = Ég tók hann í bakaríð
      =I taught him not to mess with me

20. I will find you on a beach = Ég mun finna þig í fjöru
      =I will have my revenge

21. To put someone before a cats nose = Að koma einhverjum fyrir kattarnef
      =to have your revenge

22. I only pay with an angry sheep = Ég borga bara með reiðufé
       =I’ll pay in cash

23. I'll show him where David bought the ale = Ég! skal sýna honum hvar Davíð keypti ölið.
       =I’ll teach him not to mess with me

24. I will not sell it more expensive than I bought it = Sel það ekki dýrara en ég keypti það
      =I tell it the way I heard it

25. He doesn't walk whole to the forrest = hann gengur ekki heill til skógar.
       =he’s not sane



26.It is bad but you will get used to it= vont en það venst

26. We cook gray silver together= við eldum grátt silfur saman
      =we don't get along

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01.12.2006 14:28:54 / evaros

Life at sea.. what a life

Here are a few words that should make all sailors smile a little:lol:

A ll aboard,

Anchors, Alaska, Al Fresco Dining, Auckland, Any Excuse To Party, The Baltic, Beaches, Burma, Bow Thrusters, Bermuda, Bangkok, Dodgy Boyfriends, Bingo, Bays, Bunk Beds, Bulkheads, Bands, Cabin Parties, Carnival in Rio, Captain’s Farewell Parties, The Caribbean, No Candles, Chlorinated Water, Crew Bar, Chinese Laundries, Cosmopolitans, Captain’s Welcome Parties, Christmas Parties, Cruise Directors, Cannes Festival, Crew Parties, Container Ports, The Caronia, Dodgy Currencies, Cocktail Parties, Counting Down Days, Digital Cameras, Dry-docks, Dolphins, The International Dateline, Drag Queen Parties, Days at Sea, Ephesus, Exotic Destinations, The Equator, Epaulettes, Embarkation Days, Fjords, Five Star Service, Fake Handbags, Flip-flops, Filipinos, Fireworks, Formal Dinners, Fridge Magnets, Fire Drills, Fish Heads, Glaciers, Gin Tonics, Gangways, Gossip, The Great Wall of China, The Greek Isles, Hangovers, Helicopter Flights, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Sailing into Hamburg, Import Manning, Internet Cafes, Jaegermeister, Karaoke Nights, Lifeboats, Lifeboat Drills, Lifejackets, Laughter, Lost Luggage, Late Nights, Lighthouses, Mayan Ruins, Maps, Medical Evacuations, Marinas, The Mariner, Movie Nights, The Mediterranean, Neptune, Nametags, New Year’s Eve Parties, Dodgy Night Markets, The Navigator, New Zealand, Noon Announcements, New York City, Ocean Liners, Overnights, Officers, Paracetamol, The Panama Canal, Pilot Boats, Palm Trees, Portholes, Polyester Uniforms, Pianists, Photographs, Postcards, Promenade Decks, Piers, Queen Mary 2, Rough Seas, Rainbows, Russian Dancers, Resort Lunches, Sailaway Parties, Suntan Lotion, Sunshine, Sunburn, Sydney Harbour, Shanghai, Sydney Olympics, Siestas, Satellite Phone Calls, The Song of Flower, Sign Off Dates, Shore Excursions, Storms, Sailors, Shooting Stars, Seashells, Seagulls, The South Pacific, Shopping Trips, The Seabourn Spirit, Southampton, Screaming Passengers, Skylines, Sunsets, St. Petersburg, Saigon, Tour Buses, Titifits, Lousy TV Channels, Tenders, Dodgy Taxis, Tasteless Souvenirs, Tugboats, Tuktuks, Tokyo, Transatlantic Crossings, Tahiti, Tourists, Time Changes, US Coastguard, Volcanoes, The Verrezano Bridge, Vietnam, Visas, Vistas, Venice, White Shoes, Winds, Waffles on The Bridge, Waves, Whales, Wine and Cheese Parties, White Gloves, The World…..Signing Off.. for the last time.. alwaysJ 

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27.11.2006 16:50:53 / evaros

Christmas spirit!

I decided to change my background and give it a more christmas look.. I really can´t wait for christmas, I know this year will be excellent, at least this year i will be at home with my family and not in a time zone 12 hours away from here like last year8|

I have started to decorate my apartment, with christmas lights and the red flower.. hmm.. don't know what its called in english, but in Icelandic its Jólarós.. christmas rose..;)

This year my sister and dad will come to stay with me, but unfortunately my sister is a mega teenager and can't stay with the family for new year's eve, so she'll be going back to Denmark on the 31st to go party with her friends.. PARTYANIMAL!! ... hmm.. wonder where she got that from:$

Ok.. back to studying.. The one thing ruining my christmas is the damn exams.. im not finished till th 21st of december!!! That should be illegal:evil:

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24.11.2006 19:12:26 / evaros

ohh im so clever...

I was finally able to fix the problem with the pictures.. so here are a few pictures from saturday night..

Steinunn, me and Beggz.. haha we are so cute

hehe, can you tell from the pics that the beer was for free???

Stones megababe!

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23.11.2006 15:35:08 / evaros

Winter has arrived!!

Brrrr… coooollllddd!!! I have been skipping winter for the past 2 years, so I have actually been missing winter a little bit.. or at least I thought I did, but its f*** freezing, now I remember why I was trying to avoid it in the first place:!: Well.. I guess its not all bad, I loooove the snow.. just hate the cold..

Last Saturday I went partying (I know, couldn’t keep up with the drinking ban for 6 weeks;)). Steinunn, my friend, invited “the sósurs” (the boot camp mega babes) to a dinner party, after the dinner we went to Glaumbar where boot camp was having a private party with free beer:haha: It was so much fun, we all got wasted (or at least I did8|), the worst part is that the trainers were not drinking.. so showing up Monday morning for the exercise was quite embarrassing ;) Anyway.. we got into Glaumbar around 10, up until then the weather had been fine, but when we left the place around 1 everything was completely covered in snow:!: It hasn’t snowed all winter and then in just a few hours the streets were blocked! I was just happy that I live so close to the city because I could just walk home, my friends ended up staying in the taxi line for 3 hours, hahahaha:lol:

I have been trying all day to load some pictures but from some reason it is not working:evil:..  I'll just add some pics later

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25.10.2006 11:19:55 / evaros

The ideal student…

Well im back at the library trying to focus on my studying.. or actually focusing even harder on not to fall asleep:!:

This past weekend was amazing.. I had so much fun! From Wednesday till Sunday it was the airwaves festival in Reykjavik. So you buy this pass for a lot of money 8| but then you have access to loads of concert all over the city:)

I had a lot of fun and loads of beers… I promised myself to only party on the Saturday night because I had a test Saturday morning.. but ofcaurse I ended up partying Thursday till Saturday:klikk: amazingly I scored ok on the test:D

Partying here in Reykjavik is really like no where elthes in the world, its fantastic:!: Specially when you are from here, because this place is so small and all the discos and bars are gathered in one place.. so you always run into people you know.. its especially fun for me now since I havent been here for so long, so im running into people I havent seen for years.. many of them don’t even recognize me again, hmhmm… ;)

I guess I need to go back to the books now.. but I have made a huge decision that I hereby want to make official.. I am going to loose 5 kg the next 6 weeks:!: Im really going to work hard for it, and since beer is full of calories and you always allow yourself to eat crappy food the day after, I have promised myself that I will not drink during the next 6 weeks… shit, ok now its official, so show some support please.. no drinking for 6 weeks:cry:


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20.10.2006 10:34:54 / evaros

Hello everybody, tanto tiempo:!:

I created this blog just to tell about my travelling, so after I left Argentina it was natural for me to stop blogging..

But now, like so many other days im sitting at the library, trying to study but bored to death and nobody on the msn to talk to.. so I thought to myself, why not write a blog:D

As most of you know I came back to Iceland in June. I actually had no plans about staying here but I had no idea what to do or where to go next.. In my confusion I decided to listen to the quistionary I had running and to throw in an application to the university in Iceland, where I by the way never imagined myself studying:!:

Here are the results from the quiestionary:

13%    Volunteer at a center for street kids and drug addicts in Mumbai



25%    Become a banana farmer in Australia (this could actually be a lot of funJ )

0%      Settle down in Columbia and becoma a mafia bitch ( don’t understand why nobody liked this option;) )

0%      Work at a research center in Antartica and live with the pinguins ( this is something I can actually see myself doing one day)

63%    Stop this nonsence, get my butt home, study at the university and do something normal for a changeJ



The summer went quietly, but with loads of parties and camping trips and the most discusting weather I have ever experienced during summer:!:

I was living and working with my mother.. could have been a disaster but actually worked out fine:)

In august I went to denmark for a visit and so did the Silver Whisper (the first cruise I worked on) so ofcaurse I went to see my old friends, I was so close to stay and start working there again.. it was so tempting, but I decided to wait on my reply from the university and decided that if I got a no I would start working on the ship again :)

…a week later I got the answer from the uni and I started studying beginning of september. I never ever imagined that I would move back to Iceland, but im surprizingly im really enjoying it:!: For the first time in my life im living in my own apartment by myself:D I have always lived in shared apartments, with familys or even small cabins with another person.. but now I have all the privacy in the world:D Im studying business and international relations at the university and its going quite well.. I hope.. well ill find out in december:/

The best thing about beeing back at home, is that I actually know people:) I am so relieved that for once I move somewhere and I don’t have to make an effort to make new friends, I think I might be turning very anti social.. im just sticking to my old friends and really don’t bother to try and make other friends:)

Even though im back at home and loving it.. doesn’t meen that the little worldfreak indside of me is dead.. far from it. Im already planning to go as an exchange student next semester, not sure where yet.. but one thing is for sure that it will be a spanish speaking country!


Well I will let this be enough said for the first blog for so long, I really need to start studying:$

 I hope you are all doing great wherever you are ;*


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03.06.2006 01:41:11 / evaros

Don’t cry for me argentina – Evita is leaving…

Wow… It is impossible for me to describe how im fealing now. I have been away from home for almost one year, I have gotten so used to the idea that I won’t see my friends or family for so long, so it’s very strange to think that within 1 day I will be at home…(wherever that is :S)

Im very excited to see everyone again, but I’m extremely sad that I’m leaving Argentina:| I love this country:!:

As a farewell to Argentina I decided to write about the top 10 things I love most about this place…


1          They are masters of line-making!!! They stand in perfect lines for everything. When I first got here I was surprised to see that there seemed to be people standing in lines everywhere and the strange thing was that it didn’t seem they where forming a line for anything.. but later I found out that the people are waiting for the bus! Yup, they wait in line for the bus!!! For me that is the strangest thing, but I have this picture to proof it.

2          The tradition of Maté. I described this drink when I first arrived as a disgusting green poison. But I really grew to love it, and I realized that its not just about the drink but the whole ceremony! It’s the first thing you get offered when you enter an Argentian home. People get together and drink mate and everyone from the same mate-cup.

3          In Buenos Aires you can get just about everything delivered:!: F.x. ice-cream,  blockbuster movies, groceries… fuck yea even McDonalds delivers here:!:

4          Even though Buenos Aires is a huge city with around 10 millions habitants they remind me of a small community sometimes, f.x. with money… if you don’t have enough they will sometimes tell you that you can come back tomorrow and pay:!: now that’s what I call trust..

5          The party life here is just amazing.. you can party any day of the week and at any time. They also have great offers most places on happy hour, my favorite place offers free beeron happy hour witch is from 23.00-02.00 and from 04.00-06.00 and at 8 there is free breakfast:!:

6          I think they misunderstood a few things... f.x. for them Tuesday the 13th is a scary day… not Friday 13th like in the rest of the world:D And in they learn in school that America is one continent… there is no north- and south- America, just America.

7          I could write a book about the men:D They are extremely honest, if they think you are beautiful they will tell you and they don’t have to be drunk to do it!!  Doesn’t matter if they have to scream out of their cars or run on the other side of the street to tell you! Their pickup-line is usually pretty straight forward: ´You are beautiful, can I kiss you?’

8          They are also the most gentlemen I have ever met. They always let women enter and exit first:!: In the elevator, bus or just through any door. They can all dance, and I mean really daaance and they don’t have to be drunk to do that either;) Last but not least, the men are HOT;)

9          The food here is simple and I looove simple food. In restaurants they serve you meat and potatos on your plate, no bullshit where the plate is so crowded with gravy and all kind of garnish that you cant even see the meat anymore!  

10        I just love people in all of Argentina, they extremely helpful, loving, nice, fun… son buenas ondas:D


I want to thank all of my friends that I have made here for an amazing time:!:

And special thanx to my "family" in Bariloche and to the professors at

ELEBAIRES(my Spanish school in Bs. As.), for alway beeing so nice and

friendly, because of their amazing skills of teaching I can actually talk a bit of

Spanish now:D



I have to go now, cant wait to get home and see everybody again:D



But what should be my next adventure??? State your opinion in the

quiestionary to the right..


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27.05.2006 15:13:53 / evaros

Iguazu and Tigre

The winter has arrived:!: I must admit that I am quite disappointed... I didn't really make any research before I came to Argentina, so I actually had no idea how it was going to be. But for some reason, I was certain that in Buenos Aires there would be alot of beautiful beaches and that it would be summer all year round8| ... not quite how it turned out to be, there are no beaches, I can go to the coast though, but it is the brownest, dirtiest water I have ever seen:whut: And I also found out, that its not hot all year round... it is freezing here, gets down to 3-5 degrees:( The bakeries have even started to sell "laufabraud" :!: :!:

Despite the weather I have been enjoying myself the last weeks. Mostly just been partying and studying like usually. Most of my friends left this week, so there have been a lot of farewell parties:cry:

But I have also done some interesting stuff, e.g… 2 weekends ago I went to Iguazu falls, amazing place, you can see the pictures on the link to the left.

The bus takes 18 hours and I was lucky enough to sit next to a crazy Argie:S At first he was very nice and we were talking, he was telling me he was going on business in a town close to the falls and blablabla, then he started asking what I was doing and where I was gonna stay.. I just told him all my plans, we had a nice chat that evening with loads of red-wine. The morning after, I wake up when he is on the phone, talking to his work to chancel!!! When he hangs up he tells me that he doesn’t have to work anyway and is going to the falls to… and guess what hostel he made reservations on??? MINE!! He was starting to freak me out at that point, so I just smiled, turned on my i-pod and turned the other way:S

Fortunately I had bought a whole packet with all included, so there was a guy to pick me up and drive me to the hostel, so I didn’t have to share a taxi with the crazy guy like he suggested… in the car on the way to the hostel I meet 2 American guys, we instantly became good friends, witch was very lucky because they spent the rest of the weekend saving me from this loco… he kept following me and buying me presents! He had found out witch bus I was taking back to Buenos Aires, so he booked a ticket on the same one. When I saw him entering the bus, my hart sank… the guy was so drunk and being extremely rude to me, so finally they kicked him out:lol:

But otherwise, the weekend was fantastic! I had a great time with the American blokes. The first day, we went to the Brasilian side of the falls and in the evening we went for a walk in the moonlight by the falls in Argentina. The next day we took a tour in the Argentinean Iguazu park, witch included a boat ride that takes you underneath the falls!!! It was so much fun, you literally are underneath and you get completely soacked:D After that the speed boat continues down the river, witch by the way is full of rapids! It was amazing to try going down a river like that in a speed boat, I have done it in river rafting, but this was so much different:)

Then last weekend I went to a place called Tigre , it’s a small very beautiful town outside of Buenos Aires, the hour long train ride costs 0.35 usd!!! Whatever… We went on a boat ride, extremely nice to drink red-wine and enjoy sailing through river:)

But there are more fun things to do, cause there is also an amusement park there, a real Tivoli with loads of roller coasters, bumper cars and bumper boats:D Then they finish the evening with a grand show, fireworks and a watershow:!: It costs 10 usd to get in, that ticket allows you to enter the park as often as you want for the next 6 months and all the rides for free:!:

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